Individualised Coaching

"No two athletes are the same, so individualize your training by identifying your unique physiological profile with the Power Duration Curve Model.....find your strengths and limiters, and see the different ways your body creates and uses energy. You’ll get better results in less time with personalized training zones and optimized intervals tailored to your physiology"   TrainingPeaks WKO5

Through the use of WKO5.  I specialise in providing individualised support and remote coaching for amateur and recreational cyclists and triathletes who want to improve their competitiveness, and those aspiring to increase their levels of fitness ahead of particular events and challenges that they have planned into their cycling season.

  I offer three tiers of coaching service,  the choice of which depends on your goals and what you want to achieve .   All packages include a Trainingpeaks Premium athlete account, an Annual Training Plan and individualised mesocycles and workouts 

Expect to do a mix of between 3 and 5 interval-based and endurance workouts per week, (plus strength and conditioning to help keep you injury free).  Your individualised training plan will be based on block periodisation, with appropriately tuned levels of training intensity (dose), your unique physiology, your strengths and limiters and training stress/recovery cycles.  

If you are unfamiliar with cycling specific technology,  I will provide all the advice and guidance needed to set up and use equipment such as smart turbo trainers, heart rate monitors, power meters, and Apps such as Zwift, Trainerroad, Strava, BigRingVR, Bkool and Sufferfest.    

Please note that I do not cater for Track, Downhill or MTB disciplines (but we know people who do).

Basic Tier
£90 per Month
For Cycling Enthusiasts
  • Goal Planning
  • Mesocycle-based Workouts
  • Strength and Conditioning Sessions
  • Performance Management
  • TrainingPeaks Premium Edition
  • Technology Advice (Apps, Equipment, etc)
  • Individualised Annual Training Plan
  • Workout Reviews and Feedback (WhatsApp)
  • Options for Yoga and WKO5 Analysis
  •                                  Options
Standard Tier
£129 per Month
For Competition-Aspiring Club-Level Cyclists
  • Basic Tier, Plus
  • Physiology Analysis (FTP/FRC/TTE/Pmax) (*)
  • Power Profiling (Limiters and Strengths)
  • Individualised Workouts 
  • Monthly Facetime/Zoom Reviews
  • Freshness vs. Recovery Analysis (inc. ithlete HRV subscription)
  • Weekly WKO5 Performance Analysis
  • Yoga15 for Performance and Recovery
  • *Note : requires smart trainer or power meter
  • Options
Unlimited Tier
£159 per Month
For Competitive Cyclists (Cat 4 and Cat5)
  • Standard Tier, Plus
  • Unlimited Communication (Calls/Email/WhatsApp)
  • Unlimited WKO5 Performance Analysis
  • Specific Event/Race Training Plan
  • Unlimited Training Plan Updates
  • Unlimited Workout Reviews


Why choose Cycle For Fitness? 

I work with cyclists from novice to club level to advance their lifetime fitness, endurance and wellbeing. I focus on you as an individual, your goals, your concerns, and where you are on your journey to sustainable fitness. With a lifetime of consulting experience and many years of endurance cycling, I develop science-based workouts and conditioning sessions that develop resilience and build performance specific to your goals. I start by understanding you, your baseline fitness, your fears and concerns, then work with you with regular reviews to advise and fine-tune skills and workouts, thereby continuously optimising your performance, making you a better, more confident cyclist.

If you have never been coached before?

Do not worry, I recognise that getting into cycling is not as simple as pumping up the tyres on the old bike in your shed, swinging your leg over it and riding 20 or 50 miles. You might have gotten away with doing that in your 20s or 30s, but a little older and those 20 miles are going to seem like hell, that saddle will seem as sharp as a razor blade. It would be the same if you went to the gym and tried keeping up with some fit young thing pumping iron . The good news is that there is a way; by building up distance slowly, ticking off miles and milestones, with advice and guidance on how to get started, how to keep motivated and avoid common pitfalls, from a team that have been there, done that, and will give you the support needed for you to succeed. The Cycle for Fitness approach ensures that you reach your goals through a series of small and achievable milestones, at your pace.