The Grin Factor

We all need it, but what is it ?

The Grin Factor was devised on a journey from Calais to Montpellier as a measure of pleasure. 0 would be "get me out of here" , 3 would be 'it's ok I suppose', 5 would be 'this is quite nice' and 10 would be 'how bloody marvellous is this!'  We reserve the 11 for special occasions...such as completing a plan :-)

Health and Wellbeing

Helping overcome Bereavement

"Buying a bike and completing Ride Across Britain were some of the best decisions I ever made. I overcame grief, inspired my family and discovered a strength I didn't know I had," Kathryn, London

Fundraising while minimising the risk of Diabetes

"I bought a road bike 18-months ago after having had a hybrid. With the hybrid I'd ride 20 miles and be ruined the next day;  3 months further on and I was given the fantastic opportunity to ride for the Balfour Beatty team, raising £5,800 for my chosen charity (Team raised over £200k!); 18-months later and I've completed a longest/highest ascent double solo ride of 125 miles and 11,020ft, completed my highest single climb of nearly 3,400ft, but perhaps more importantly made lots of new friends, enjoyed great rides and experiences, lost over 2.5 stone, joined a local cycling club,The health and fitness gains are important though, and I hope will help me keep the weight off and minimise the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes which has affected members of my family."    Mark, Halifax

Weight Loss

I" went from 16 stone to 14stone and just about able to do 6 miles to Deloitte Rab in a year age 49 and raised 10k for Wiltshire air ambulance", Andrew, Warminster

Health, Emotional Wellbeing and Mindfulness

"I got back into cycling at the grand old age of 55 (hadn't been on a bike with gears before - last one was a Chopper!) after a particularly emotional and stressful period of my life and found a whole new world of health wellbeing, mindfulness and making some amazing new friends along the way... oh and of course being able to eat cake with no guilt or health issues. I love it and go virtually everywhere on my bike now and the best bit is I have raised £2,500 to help health problems, in my case, cancer research, over the last couple of years - what's not to like"  Sandra, Swinton

Stronger, Faster, Sanity intact !

"I used to ride a lot as a kid. Holidays, to and from school. Then I came back from uni, got a car and just forgot about bikes. I switched jobs in 2012 and when the Olympics happened, I got caught by the bug. The ultimate cliche. Started commuting, increasing distances. A disastrous ride to Brighton with a friend (6 punctures, one pissed off wife) meant I got a faster bike, more lycra and worked on my fitness. Lost weight, got stronger and faster. Now I find that's its hard to go without a ride. It's the only thing that keeps me sane"   Eugene, London