Three Pillars to your Success

Realism based on Experience


Cycle for Fitness is dedicated to helping people who wish to begin their journey to lifetime fitness and well-being by taking advantage of the many health benefits that regular cycling has been proven to offer.    We offer realistic plans with full support by British Cycling certified coaches, based on our practical experiences and backed up using PhD research into Physiology and Sports Nutrition.   Our services are packaged to be 'pay as you go’, with no sign up fees or ongoing commitment, enabling rides to be done at your own pace and work around family, work or other commitments.

Cycling is proven to help gain lifetime health and  fitness, and is one of the easiest forms of exercise, open to all abilities and ages.

Upto now you may have been put off by all the talk about carbon this and lightweight that, thoughts of having to wear lycra, the prospect of angry motorists, or just getting a puncture in the middle of nowhere. 

But, it does not have to be like that.  

You don't have to join a club or a gym, buy expensive heart or power monitors, you don't need to wear lycra, you don't need to buy thousands of pounds worth of kit.   We apply realism based on experience.  

Getting into cycling our way is easy and fun.  Apart from the feeling of freedom and sheer joy that cycling gives you,  the founder's own personal journey, is that you get to shed a ton of weight, reduce blood pressure and help prevent cancers and heart disease.   

It's Got to be Personal


Lifetime fitness through cycling is not as simple as pumping up the tyres on the old bike in your shed or buying a shiny machine from your local store, downloading a "plan" from the Internet, then riding 20 or 50 miles in one go. You might get away with doing that in your youth, but a little older and those miles are going to seem like hell, that saddle will seem as sharp as a razor blade.  It would be the same if you went to the gym and tried keeping up with some fit young thing pumping iron .

The good news is that there is a way; by building up distance slowly, ticking off miles and milestones, with advice and guidance on how to get started, how to keep motivated and avoid common pitfalls, from a team that have been there, done that, and will give you the support needed for you to succeed.   

The Cycle for Fitness approach ensures that you reach your goals through a series of small, achievable milestones, at your pace.

Our easy to begin, but progressive set of plans build up your mileage and stamina; using both the personal experiences of a mere mortal who in 2011 was looking down the barrel of type-2 diabetes and couldn’t ride more than 10 miles,  and Dr Tom Kirk who took his PhD in Sports Physology and  Nutrition, and many years of road cycling experience at the highest competitive level.

PhD Research Based


We have developed  self paced packages, with email and  telephone support; the plans build on each other and the choice of where to begin depends upon your current fitness level and personal goals.  if you wish to have personal tuition rides, these can be included as optional add-ons.

For Business we complement these plans with "hands-on" clinics and accompanied rides to improve employeee well-being, assist team building or help your team prepare for charity cycle rides. 

You do not need to start with"FTP" tests or using a heart monitor, or other technology.  The plans are designed with you at the centre - you decide how far, how fast, how intense.   We look after both the body and mind, it's about you.

Each package includes personal support based on the founder's own practical experience and scientifically backed up by the PhD research and findings of one of the UK's top sports and exercise nutrition experts.  

By following these packages we will guide and coach you to enjoy riding and take advantage of the many lifetime health benefits that regular cycling has been proven to offer. 

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