The Coach

Grant Goodman

TrainingPeaks Endurance Coach Summit

Grant is certified to British Cycling Level 1 as a coach, but more than that, he is a seasoned cyclist who takes his business consulting skills, electronics engineering background and general wealth of experience to support and advise people who would like to ride a bike as a means to regain control of aspects of their health that have been affected by lifestyle choices and the pressures of our modern and hectic lives.  

He creates holistic training programmes incorporating the latest science and technology breakthroughs as well as coaching clients on a one-to-one basis; he conducts cycling clinics on behalf of charities and companies and is a regular blogger and writer of cycling related articles on the online magazine.

Grant‘s story :   

As with most people reading this, in my teens I rode a bike as a means of transportation, but that was about it. It wasn't until in midlife when everyday life pressures had taken their toll, that I found that I needed to do something to regain fitness and feelings of well-being.

I recalled days cycling with the sun on your face, the wind at your back, able to notice the beauty of the land and the sight of wildlife, it set my soul alight, I would return from rides with a grin from ear to ear. With my passion reignited I "up'ed my game" using cycling to regain fitness, improve work-life balance and undertake friendly competition.

I started slowly, first just a few miles, building confidence enabled me to not only enjoy new friendships with cycling buddies, but also complete personal challenges, support various charitable causes and undertake many long distance cycling endurance events.

In 2017 I gained my British Cycling coaching certification, building on this with completion of the TrainingPeaks University.

As I have an electronics engineering and information technology background, I am fascinated by the use of data, information and knowledge to drive science-driven performance improvement techniques, and these form the basis for my approach.

Using a combination of cutting-edge research, proven techniques, industry leading tools together with my own experiences, I see myself as your enabler to achieve your health, fitness and performance goals.,