Off the Shelf Programmes

Looking to improve your road cycling, and need a guiding hand, but want to remain "self coached"?   No problem.   We offer proven Programmes designed to be followed at your own pace, complemented  advice and guidance via WhatsApp and email.

How It Works 

  • You Buy the course (or just call/contact me first to discuss your options) 
  • We have a call to discuss basic information about yourself (age, current fitness, number of hours you can spend training per week, etc), your needs, goals and I will try to answer any questions you may have
  •  We agree the way forward for you (I will tune the workouts depending on what you have told me above)
  • We set you up on Trainingpeaks, link it to Strava and/or Zwift/Trainerroad, etc
  • You download the workouts to your laptop or cycling computer (I can send them by email if needed)
  • Every week you do the workouts as per the plan (road or preferably on an indoor trainer)
  • We review your progress at set intervals and revise the workouts as needed 
  • At the end we review your progress and discuss next steps
Our course are designed to support all ages and abilities, from the novice/beginner through to club level cyclist who wishes to improve their fitness and are never too old or too unfit!

Note : We use Paypal, so you can Shop with Confidence. 

What People Say:

"Following major surgery on my hips and having been unable to exercise for 6 years I decided to take up cycling to improve my fitness and finish off my rehab. I set myself a challenge to do a charity bike ride across Costa Rica and got in touch with Grant as I had no idea how or where to start. He has been instrumental in me achieving my goal - measuring my fitness levels, giving me programmes to work on, suggesting all sorts of tips from shoes to gloves and nutrition to hydration, updating programmes and routes as I improved and generally being encouraging when I was convinced I would never do it. As a result, the ride was beyond what I hoped for and I had the time of my life. I can thoroughly recommend his coaching and am looking forward to pushing on to the next level and beyond with his support."  Janet, Cornwall, UK

This program is ideal for people like me who would like to cycle more but don't know how to get into it. I bought my bike last year but hardly used it, having the coach encourage and guide you makes the process so much easier. 3 rides a week is just about right to get you into the swing of things and the coach is there all the way to encourage you and answer all the little questions you're afraid to ask. The team are so friendly and enthusiastic about cycling, you can't help but catch the bug. The bonus is you get fit too!” Sarah S, Oxfordshire England 

"Grant's passion for cycling and his knowledge and ability to impart it are very inspiring . I have had the pleasure of accompanying Grant on a few long rides now. Some of them around the 100 mile mark. 4 years ago I was 3 stone overweight, depressed and feeling very low about myself. This year I cycled 1500KM in 15 days incorporating 5 of the hardest climbs on the Tour De France calender! One of the descents off of Mont Ventoux was with Grant. It was a highlight of the trip. I can highly recommend Cycle For Fitness! " Alexander R, Plymouth, England 

I was fortunate enough to have a 1-2-1 training ride with Grant prior to a large road event. His expertise and knowledge on how to ride efficiently was second to none. I learned how to change gear properly (at last!) and how to attack hills with maximum energy. This really did make a world of difference to the ride and all of his techniques and tips made for a much smoother, easier and (I'm pleased to say!) faster ride. Thanks Grant!” Claire, Hampshire.
Foundation For Cycling 
(Ignite Your Love of Cycling)
£62 This course is for beginners who would like to ride with confidence
  • Email Consultation
  • Mid-Point Review
  • 2 x 4 Week Training Plans (Base Fitness)
  • RPE/Heart Rate Based
  • Zwift Integration (optional)
  • TrainingPeaks Account
  • Extend to additional months
Accelerate Your Fitness 
(Boost Your Capabilities)
£81 This course accelerates your fitness and "bike readiness" for sportives, club rides or charity events.
  • Foundation For Cycling , Plus 
  • Initial 30 minute Telephone Consultation
  • 2 x Telephone Reviews
  • 2 x 4 Week Training Block (Base + Build) 
  •  Heart Rate / Power Based (based on Classic Zones)
  • Indoor Sessions (Zwift/Trainerroad, etc)
  • Road Sessions for Aerobic Endurance
Endurance and Conditioning 
(Go Stellar!)
£124 This course builds base endurance, progressing to interval workouts to build your lactate threshold, aerobic capacity, combined with cycling specifc strength workout so that you can go faster for longer.
  • Accelerate Your Fitness , Plus 
  • 3 x 4 Week Blocks (Base + Build + Peak)
  • Heart Rate and Power Zones (based on iLevels)
  • Strength and Conditioning 
  • WhatsApp Reviews
  • Phenotype Analysis*
  • Key Limiter Plan* (PMax, FRC/FTP, VO2Max, Stamina, Exhaustion)
  • *(available with smart trainer/power meter)
Winter Maintenance  
(Prepare for 2021)
£81 This course helps you maintain your summer fitness levels over the winter months
  • Baseline and On-Going FTP Assessment
  • Indoor Training Setup Advice
  • 8 Week Training Plans (Maintain Base + Build)
  • Heart Rate/Power Based
  • Zwift Integration
  • TrainingPeaks Account
  • Option to extend to additional training blocks
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