Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be fit to cycle ?

The quick answer is no.  Before we start we may ask you to complete a short medical questionnaire to ensure there are no underlying reasons why you cannot exercise.  After that our programmes start with very light workouts no more than 20 minutes in duration, considering technique more than exercise.   It’s at your pace, you build fitness and lose weight gradually as suits your current health and fitness.  This is about creating sustainable change in terms of fitness and wellbeing, not as a short-lived diet or exercise fad. 

I am nervous about cycling on the road, isn’t it dangerous ?

Roads are busier than ever, however all statistics point to the  fact that you are more at risk of heart disease, strokes and cancers by sitting on the couch rather than through exercise.  We will guide you along the way and use our experience to start you off on quieter roads and help you build confidence.

What kind of bike do I need ?

Initially any bike will do as long as it is roadworthy, so don’t worry that you need to go and buy a new bike, however once you get into cycling, then a new bike is often a great reward for your efforts and achievements

How often will we meet or review my progress ?

We will talk on the phone at least once a week to review progress, answer any concerns or questions you have.  You can also email us at any time.   Accompanied rides are available, the cost depends on whether I come to you, or you come to me (in Oxfordshire or Cornwall)

What is the cost of your coaching ?

There are no upfront costs or ongoing subscription charges as you would expect with a gym membership for example.  Our Pricing is monthly “pay as you go” and includes a free initial  consultation, a weekly progress call, a coaching plan, a basic TrainingPeaks account and ad-hoc support (I am a phone call away).   If you are prepared to invest £2 per day towards your health per month then we can start. 

I’m very busy, how many hours per week do I need to put aside ?

Our beginner’s plan “Foundation to Fitness” is based on 2 x 1 hour sessions midweek and 1 to 2 hour rides at the weekend.   We build from there at your pace and taking  into account your family or work commitments.

Your Journey is One Click Away

Perhaps this is the first time you have considered improving your fitness and wellbeing, maybe you don’t know where to start, have decided to do a charity event, join a club, get fitter or just want to pick up cycling where you left off.    Wherever you are on your journey, we can help. 

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