Our mission is to help people of all abilities to regain fitness and wellbeing through online, self-paced courses, facilitation and individualised coaching.   

If you are new to cycling, we will take you through the first steps and get you riding with confidence, if you are an average cyclist, we will make you better, if you are seasoned cyclist we will make you great !     

For the fourth year running, we are proud to be the Training Partner for The Prince's Trust's and their team of riders cycling Deloitte's 'Ride Across Britain",    helping vulnerable young people get their lives on track.

Why do we bother?   There are upwards of 85,000 avoidable deaths every year caused in part to our sedantary lifestyles; we aim to change that, and our clients say we are making a difference.

Why are we different?  Okay, there are many "free" training plans out there, but we believe in sustainable fitness, not some quick fix, and for that you need a coach that understands you, offering an individual service with WhatsApp and one-to-one Video support, advice and guidance.  We;'ve been there, done that.  We offer achievable programmes plus moral and technical support and if needed, a shoulder to cry on, we make your goals achievable. 

Start your journey here, or contact us to learn more or just to say hi ! 

What We Do

We offer the ultimate in friendly and approachable road cycling courses, advice and coaching for people of all abilities, from Leisure Cyclist to Regular Club Rider, who have a common goal to achieve lifetime fitness and improve personal well-being but not quite sure where to start. We always have your satisfaction as our top priority. It’s who we are, and we are proud of it.

Who We Are

We love what we do and it shows. Combining expertise from world leading practitioners, best of breed technology and with personal experiences of what is needed; we are able put ourselves in your shoes like no other coaching team. There’s no challenge too big or too small, and we dedicate our utmost energy to every person that entrusts us to help them on their journey to fitness and well-being.


Everyone has a unique get of goals and budget considerations. That’s why we listen carefully and can tailor our courses to fit your needs exactly. Whether you are aiming to achieve a personal fitness milestone or need comprehensive guidance, we talk about your needs and goals, prepare a programme designed for you, and hold your hand the entire way.



Nick, Mallorca, April 2021

Started with Grant in October 2020. Was not new to cycling but couldn’t find the magic switch to get better, fitter and faster. I will not say Grant will flower up any training plans, it’s hard work, it’s solid numbers based on factual analysis of your performance against his custom made plans. He delivers results - period. While doing that he has a very calm professional approach to his coaching style and helps you believe that YOU CAN also deliver the results. 100% professional. 

Gareth, Alton, Hampshire, February 2021

Great results so far... I started with one of Grant's intro offers for the over 50's on Training Peaks. I was just bouncing my way around Zwift and wanted some structure. Grant's plan was an eye-opener to benefits of structure and variety and the important recovery sessions which I needed as I was overtraining (then losing motivation). The plan introduced me to Training Peaks, Sufferfest and their Yoga programmes.. other features on Zwift and some key cycling stretch/conditioning work. So... so far, Fitness up, flexibility up, and weight and bodyfat down. I even managed to start this plan late November, and apart from an expected blip over Christmas, I have now set a 2-day MTB trail ride as a Target to train for over the next 12 weeks. Grant is very responsive and encouraging and willing to work around constraints while avoiding any long-term compromise. Thoroughly recommend Grant's services if you want to put some focus into your training and certainly if you enjoy seeing the various data feeds which show your improvements... which will come!

Clive H, Portishead, January 2021 (preparing for his Lejog challenge later this year).

"I have been using Grant as coach since late September 2020 and am very happy with his service: friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and great value for money. It's giving me the confidence that I'll turn up at Lands End as best prepared as I can be, especially given my limited cycling experience before last year." 

Phil W, Stoke Pogues, November 2020

"I’m not a big review kind of guy, but once in a while there’s a compelling case. Grant runs Cycle For Fitness with a clear passion for what he does, backed with a deep knowledge of what it takes and how to apply it. My experience over the last 12 weeks has shown me the value in his services (and I emphasise value) as the gains I’ve made from a cycling fitness perspective are impressive for an ageing enthusiast! But more than that, it’s the way Grant runs things; organising / helping with tech, encouraging and responding at every turn, giving useful context to the stream of information and data and understanding the ebb and flow of life! I’d thoroughly recommend Grant to anyone of pretty much any level - if they want to both improve their cycling fitness and enjoy the process too. In fact, I already have to a close friend. Thanks Grant and I plan to be back again with another target!" 

 John's Highlights of the Programme

  • Approachable
  • Comprehensive consultation 
  • Bespoke training plan 
  • Targets challenging & achievable
  • Plan flexible
  • Encouraging post training feed back
  • Achieved goals = a stronger fitter rider 

 "I believe I am a fit 57 year old, having done some form of exercise two or three times a week throughout my adult life. I took up road cycling in 2014, somewhat accidentally. A friend challenged me to take part in a London to Paris charity ride, I had to borrow a road bike to do this! Suffice to say I fell in love with road cycling and took it up with great enthusiasm to the point where I cycle on average 3,500 miles a year. I applied training lessons learned running; intervals, hill work etc. to cycling with I believe some success. 

 Last year rather belatedly, I was invited to two Army fund raising events back to back. Ride London 100 and on the following day travel to Normandy for five days of cycling some 310 miles. A total of 410 miles in the week on some challenging routes with some very athletic and competitive (ex-Army) friends. . I need to get a lot fitter in only 10 weeks, I need help! I have known Grant for many years, we were once neighbours and I have followed his career change from white collar exec to cycle trainer with interest. It was not familiarity that convinced me to use Grant however, it was his cycling experience, qualifications and, I dare say, his age. (When listening to an explanation on the nuances of training after 50, it is reassuring to know this is based on experience as well as theory). 

Following an in depth and honest consultation focusing on my goals, time constraints in my week, likes and dislikes when training and a cycle fitness test, Grant produced a comprehensive and bespoke plan. Using the Training Peaks App, the plan was simple to follow and flexible, if something unexpected came up at work or home, I could tweak the weekly plan. It was a tremendous help to have Grant's feedback on my performance based on the Training Peaks App and for him to hear my views and queries on my progress. Often during training I would really push myself, because Grant ‘was watching’; so like having a coach out there with you! Grant’s training reviews, by and large, arrived on my phone before I’d got out of the shower, so always fresh and relevant. 

 When I had finished my training and in fairness to Grant I hadn’t given him or me much time, I was unsure as to how I would fair during my week of cycling. My reservations were completely baseless, as I tackled each day feeling strong from beginning to end. I sailed up the ascents, often in front, and was able to recover quickly for the next hill. Thanks to Grant’s fitness coaching the week was exhilarating and a great success. where I was able to really apply myself, be competitive but also stay strong and enjoy the scenery of France and the camaraderie of my friends"

Gwyneth Smith, Mallorca

"I’m 65 years old and bought my first road bike three years ago. This year I bought a brand new Canyon. I learned to cycle when I was 55 which coincided with our move to Mallorca, an amazing place for cycling. I soon realised that I didn’t just want to go to the same places I wanted to climb hills and see the island, I needed to improve but I’d no idea how. I wanted to train smarter not just harder. 

I came across Grant whilst reading stuff on Facebook. I got in touch with him and we got cracking immediately. I was fortunate to already have a smart trainer as just after my training started so did the COVID19 lockdown so I’ve spent a lot of time training in doors and feel like I’m getting somewhere. Working with Grant has been easy, everything I need to do appears in my training plan via my phone. It’s simple to understand. I’m using Zwift software as recommended by him. 

The training is challenging but fun. Grant has never set me workout that is too much, too long or boring. I’ve enjoyed every session. Since mid May of this year I have been able to return to outdoor cycling and I’ve notice a considerable improvement in the power I’m able to generate. My endurance is better as is my recovery. I’ve repeated some of the hills I’ve done before but faster. If I continue to improve maybe I’ll consider entering in an event next year, watch this space! "

Janet McCay, Cornwall & her ride across Costa Rica

"Following major surgery on my hips and having been unable to exercise for 6 years I decided to take up cycling to improve my fitness and finish off my rehab. I set myself a challenge to do a charity bike ride across Costa Rica and got in touch with Grant as I had no idea how or where to start. 

He has been instrumental in me achieving my goal - measuring my fitness levels, giving me programmes to work on, suggesting all sorts of tips from shoes to gloves and nutrition to hydration, updating programmes and routes as I improved and generally being encouraging when I was convinced I would never do it. As a result, the ride was beyond what I hoped for and I had the time of my life. I can thoroughly recommend his coaching and am looking forward to pushing on to the next level and beyond with his support." 

Trevor D, Oxfordshire, England

" Grant prepared me for a 1 day 205km ride from Leicester to London in 2018. I had an ok bike and an amount of bravado but Grant helped me to prepare properly. As the ride was in March, with Grant’s advice I bought a Turbo to ride indoors through the winter and all the electronics to analyse my riding ability and fitness. Grant has great experience and patience and developed a programme for me to improve my fitness and technique, including rides we did together. He really knows his stuff and I had a great sponsored ride, surprising myself with my ability to go the distance (with the help of loads of pasta, bananas and sponge pudding and custard!). I would recommend Grant to anyone wanting a sympathetic yet challenging cycling trainer""

Sarah S, Oxfordshire England 

This program is ideal for people like me who would like to cycle more but don't know how to get into it. I bought my bike last year but hardly used it, having the coach encourage and guide you makes the process so much easier. 3 rides a week is just about right to get you into the swing of things and the coach is there all the way to encourage you and answer all the little questions you're afraid to ask. The team are so friendly and enthusiastic about cycling, you can't help but catch the bug. The bonus is you get fit too!”

Alexander R, Plymouth, England

" Grant's passion for cycling and his knowledge and ability to impart it are very inspiring . I have had the pleasure of accompanying Grant on a few long rides now. Some of them around the 100 mile mark. 4 years ago I was 3 stone overweight, depressed and feeling very low about myself. This year I cycled 1500KM in 15 days incorporating 5 of the hardest climbs on the Tour De France calender! One of the descents off of Mont Ventoux was with Grant. It was a highlight of the trip.   I can highly recommend Cycle For Fitness!"

Claire, Hampshire

“I was fortunate enough to have a 1-2-1 training ride with Grant prior to a large road event. His expertise and knowledge on how to ride efficiently was second to none. I learned how to change gear properly (at last!) and how to attack hills with maximum energy. This really did make a world of difference to the ride and all of his techniques and tips made for a much smoother, easier and (I'm pleased to say!) faster ride. Thanks Grant!”


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Partners and Accreditations

Our team is certifed to British Cycling coach (Level 1), TrainingPeaks Cycling Endurance Coach (Level 2). 
We partner with Sufferfest and proudly support and volunteer for The Prince's Trust and its riders on the Deloitte "Ride Across Britain".

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