Lejog - Mid/Late Base Training Block

Develop Power and Speed - 3 Month Training Block

What’s included:  

  • An initial consultation to discuss goals, concerns, equipment and technical bits (see below). 
  • Baseline test and key limiter assessment. 
  • Smartphone App Workout Scheduler (TrainingPeaks) linked to the Coach and sync'd to your cycling computer, indoor training such as Zwift or Wattbike. 
  • Workouts to build that build hill climbing capacity and endurance for the gradual but longer hills. 
  • Rides to build muscular strength and power for the shorter but steeper hills 
  • Scheduled Recovery periods to maintain freshness and avoid chronic fatigue from overtraining. 
  • Advice on the correct use of gears, cadence and climbing technique.
  • Monthly reviews to check progress against key limiters such as power and endurance.
  • Access to the coach via email/WhatsApp/Zoom/FaceTime. 
  • Strava Group for online community support.
  • Optional subscription to online yoga for cyclists to improve performance, flexibility and mobility.
  • Can be extended for additional months (see Monthly Subscription Plan).   

Technical bits that we will help you set up : 

  • Set up of TrainingPeak, Zwift, Strava. 
  • Advice on getting the best out of your cycling computer (eg Garmin, Wahoo)


  • Smart Indoor trainer (workouts can be done outdoor if preferred). 
  • Heart Rate monitor (we recommend a chest strap).
  • Cadence sensor for road bike.
  • Power meter for the road bike (preferred but optional)