Welcome to Cycle For Fitness

Our mission is to help adults of all abilities to regain fitness and wellbeing through online, always connected facilitation and coaching of road cycling.   

If you are new to cycling, we will take you through the first steps and get you riding with confidence, if you are an average cyclist, we will make you better, if you are good cyclist we will make you great !     

We are proud to support charities such as The Prince's Trust, who help vulnerable young people get their lives on track, and non-for-profit organisations who contribute to making our society sustainable and carbon neutral.  

Why do we bother?   There are upwards of 85,000 avoidable deaths every year caused in part to our sedantary lifestyles; we are changing that, and our clients say we are making a difference.  

Why are we different?  Okay, there are many "free" training plans out there, but we believe in sustainable fitness not some quick fix, and for that you need support, advice and guidance from people who have been there, done that.  We offer moral support and a shoulder to cry on, we make your goals achievable. 

Start your journey here, or contact us to learn more or just to say hi !   

What We Do

We offer the ultimate in friendly and approachable road cycling advice and coaching for adults of all abilities, from Leisure Cyclist to Regular Club Rider, who have a common goal to achieve lifetime fitness and improve personal well-being but not quite sure where to start. We always have your satisfaction as our top priority. It’s who we are, and we are proud of it.

Who We Are

We love what we do and it shows. Combining expertise from world leading practitioners, best of breed technology and with personal experiences of what is needed; we are able put ourselves in your shoes like no other coaching team. There’s no challenge too big or too small, and we dedicate our utmost energy to every person that entrusts us to help them on their journey to fitness and wellbeing.


Everyone has a unique get of goals and budget considerations. That’s why we listen carefully and can tailor our online coaching packages to fit your needs exactly. Whether you are aiming to achieve a personal fitness milestone or need comprehensive guidance, we talk about your needs and goals, prepare a programme designed for you, and hold your hand the entire way.

Training Packages

We offer either "ready to go" training plans that you follow at your own pace, combined with online guidance from the coach, or if you are a more self-sufficient cyclist who just needs some structured workouts, we offer a number of "off the peg" training plans through the TrainingPeaks site (...scroll to the bottom) . 

However, if you simply need some advice or help to prepare for a particular event or personal milestone, get in touch for a no obligation chat with the team. 

 All plans are designed to support all ages and abilities, from the novice/beginner through to club level cyclist who wishes to improve their fitness and performance...you are never too old or too unfit!

Note : We Use Paypal for our "Ready to Go" plans, so you can Shop with Confidence 

I am "Ready to Go"

Foundation For Cycling
£62 This is a  2 x 4 week programme for beginners who would like to ride with confidence
  • Email Consultation
  • Mid-Point Review
  • 2 x 4 Week Training Plans (1 change)
  • RPE/Heart Rate Based
  • Zwift Integration
  • TrainingPeaks Account (basic)
  • Extend to additional months
Accelerate Your Fitness
£81 This 8 week plan accelerates your fitness and "bike readiness" for sportives, club rides or charity events.
  • Initial 30 minute Telephone Consultation
  • 2 x Telephone Reviews
  • 8 Week Training Plan (2 changes)
  •  Heart Rate / Power Based
  • Zwift Integration
  • Road sessions for Aerobic Endurance
  • TrainingPeaks Account (basic)
Endurance and Conditioning
£124 This is a 10 week programme that builds base endurance, progressing to interval workouts to build your lactate threshold, aerobic capacity, combined with strength and conditioining so that you can go faster for longer.
  • Initial 30 minute Telephone Consultation
  • 4 x Telephone Reviews
  • 10 Week Training Plan (4 changes)
  • Heart Rate / Power Based
  • Zwift Integration
  • Strength (Weights) & Conditioning (Yoga)
  • Road sessions for Aerobic Endurance
  • TrainingPeaks Account (basic)
  • Sufferfest Subscription (8 weeks)

"Off the Peg" Training Packages

Note: These are intended for the self-sufficient cyclist who does not require interaction with the team (though we will help on a best endeavours basis, we are kind like that :-)
These can be found on Cycle For Fitness's TrainingPeaks Page (see below). 
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